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Mando Diao Frontman Björn Dixgård Launching Solo Concerts on USB Memory Stick 


Munich, 13/11/07: Mando Diao frontman Björn Dixgård is on solo tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain in November and December. The company di[rec] is recording the shows in Germany and Austria which the audience will be able to purchase at the venue only a few minutes after the end of the shows. The live recordings can also be acquired online (www.di-rec.com) within a month after the concert.


Björn Dixgård will perform both old and new Mando Diao songs, the main part taken from the recently released album “Never Seen The Light Of Day”, but the set will also consist of a few favourite covers and never before heard Mando Diao tracks. Björn Dixgård says: "I think this is a great opportunity. Everyone who loves live music knows that each concert is unique. I hope that fans are going to get something that is meaningful to them and that they know they were part of!"


Benjamin Bailer, Managing Partner, di[rec], adds: "We are very pleased that we accompany Björn on his solo tour. It will be great to capture the distinctive moment and the unique atmosphere of his shows, and thus, to provide his fans an acoustic souvenir they crave."


Tour dates:
18 Nov   Hamburg
19 Nov   Berlin
20 Nov   Frankfurt
22 Nov   Graz
23 Nov   Vienna
24 Nov   Linz
25 Nov   Salzburg
29 Nov   Mannheim
01 Dec   Munich
02 Dec   Cologne
03 Dec   Dresden


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